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Mission Statement

The Redlands Adult School is dedicated to improving all the lives of our diverse student  population by using equitable practices that ensure students have access to a quality, standards-based instructional program of 21st century skills.  These skills, offered in a safe and supportive environment, will empower all students to develop and achieve academic, career, and personal goals in a complex, global society. 


Student Learner Outcomes

Critical Thinkers who

  • Organize, interpret and evaluate information effectively

  • Demonstrate mastery of standards and skills

Effective communicators who

  • Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral communication

  • Access information through media and technology 

College and/or career-focused learners who

  • Set personal, academic, and/or career goals

  • Acquire and demonstrate employability and workplace skills

  • Know how to access continuing education and training opportunities

Community Participants who

  • Interact successfully with a diverse population 

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to become informed and engaged members of the community